Moto taxi drivers in SihanoukVille.



Rooms - From FREE (at a few places on or near the beach).  Dorm rooms cost $2+/night.  Most basic rooms cost $7 (more right near the beach).  This gets you a bed, fan, light cable TV and bathroom (no air-con or hot water).  $13 gets you the above plus air-con and hot water.  Above $13 gets you a nicer room, a bigger room, more or bigger beds, (or one closer to the beach), and maybe a swimming pool.  $120 gets you a basic apartment for the month.  Prices double on a few holidays.

Smokes - Marlboro's $1.25 a pack.  Local good quality cigarettes, 50 cents a pack.  Cheap smokes, 25 cents a pack.

Booze - Beers from 25 cents at happy hour to $1.00.  Shots at a bar start at $1 (could be less as well).  A case of beer is around $13.  The Bailey's test puts a 750ml bottle of the Original stuff at $14. (damned inflation)

Transport - Trips around town on a motorcycle are from 50 cents to $1.50 per person, double after around 7pm, quadruple after 11pm.  To Otres beach is more.  A motorcycle taxi is about $15 a day (8 hours) including gas.  A tuk tuk (cart pulled by a motorcycle for up to 4 people) is about triple the price of a motorcycle.  Car with driver, $45/day around town including gas.  Gas is 75 cents a liter.  Trip to Kampot / Kep?.  $4+ one way in a car.  Motorcycle rental (100cc), $5/day.  Bicycle rental, $1.50/day.

Foodmeals are anywhere from 50 cents and up.  A typical meal in a guesthouse is about $3.50 including a drink.  Burgers start at $1.  Pizza from $5.00.  Prices (like everywhere) are rising quickly.  Tapas from 90 cents.

Islands - Boat trips to the islands start at $20 round-trip.  $15 gets you pick and return to your guesthouse, a day of snorkeling, breakfast, lunch, and maybe 2 or 3 islands.  Rooms on the islands start at about $15/night. (dorm rooms can be as little as $3. )  Food is a little more expensive on the islands.

- Gambling slot machines start at one cent.  Poker machines are 10 cents a game. Roulette tables are generally $1 minimum (10 cents for the machines), and blackjack and baccarat is generally $2 to $5 minimum.  Free beer and smokes.  Free food at the card tables.

Tourist Info - Free.  The SihanoukVille Advertiser, Sihanoukville Visitors Guide and maps free in most guesthouses and restaurants.

Medical Care - Cheap.  Almost all drugs are sold over the counter.  Decent dental care at a few places.  Questionable medical care all over town.  Price for normal baby delivery, $14.75, twins are no extra charge.

Visa - Overstay is $6/day.  Extend your tourist visa one month, $55.  Extend your business visa one year - $295

Other - Massage $8-12/hour.  Scuba diving, from $35 for the day and up.  Daily newspaper in English, 50 cents.  Fitness center, $2/day.   Island resort, $3,300/day,  Ream National Park day tour with breakfast, lunch, transport and boat, $20.  Withdraw money at an ATM, up to $9.  Or FREE at Maybank, downtown.   Movies in a theatre, $4 in air-con.  Manicure & pedicure, $1.50.