SihanoukVille is one of the most popular seaside resorts in southern Cambodia. It is also home to some of the best beaches in the country. The resort town is also gaining popularity for its cheerful people, cheap drinks and local cuisine.

Located on the Gulf of Thailand’s Andaman Sea, it has a mix of hotels, resorts and bungalows for rent. Visitors enjoy stunning views of both mountains and jungle from their room’s balcony or terrace. This makes it perfect for those who want to explore off-the-beaten path destinations not too far outside of the city center.

SihanoukVille is a seaside resort town just north of the Cambodian capitol, Phnom Penh. It’s a unique resort area with a beautiful beach and cheap drinks.

The town has many bars and restaurants that serve refreshing tropical drinks with ice and cheap beer. And there are plenty of local food to be found in the markets along the beachfront.

It’s also one of the cheapest places in Cambodia to stay at an upscale hotel on par with those found in other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand or Malaysia due to its relatively unknown status as a tourist destination.

SihanoukVille is a seaside resort in southern Cambodia. It offers visitors the chance to see some of the country’s most untouched and breathtaking beaches. The resort is also home to an abundance of cheap drinking spots, which are perfect for a day out on the town.

We can see SihanoukVille as an idyllic spot with its wonderful beach and cheap drinks, making it accessible for everyone.

SihanoukVille is a seaside resort in southern Cambodia, where most people are fishermen. It’s a popular place for local Cambodians and tourists alike because of its beautiful beach, cheap drinks and the great fishing villages nearby.

The serene and tranquil atmosphere is perfect for getting away from the hustle bustle of Phnom Penh. Sihanoukville is also known as Kompong Som (Port of Light) or Kompong Somcity due to the development that has been happening in recent years.

SihanoukVille is a small coastal town in Southern Cambodia. This resort town is popular among locals and tourists for its white sandy beach, cheap drinks and affordable accommodation.

A visit to SihanoukVille may not be an exotic travel destination for most people, but it has a lot to offer. Nearby attractions include Ream National Park, Ekareach Temple and the Kiri Vea Market.

The resort of SihanoukVille is located in the south-west coast of Cambodia. The resort is a small coastal town with a beach and an attractive bay.

The development of the city was stimulated by the arrival of French colonists who, fleeing from China, set up in 1867 a trading post at the port on what is now Sun Beach. A small fishing village developed around this post, which gradually became known as Kampong Som and which was renamed Sihanoukville in 1938 after independence from France.

When you have your own hotel room at the resort, you can enjoy your time relaxing on the balcony overlooking to view of crystal clear sea with white sand beach and palm trees swaying gently onshore breeze.